How to do the Spring Transition…..

Ok so as I have been at a variety of events in the last few weeks, I have observed people that are currently either dressed for the Arctic or for July. I know this time of year is very tricky to dress because of the fluctuating weather. It is time to store away the faux fur (unless it is a vest), heavy sweaters, and thick parkas. However, it is not quite time for sandals and linen either. We kinda need to think “in between” seasons clothing items. Here is my list of basics you probably already have in your closet and ways to style them for early spring.


  1. Long cardigans: I am obsessed with this style sweater lately!!! They are cozy, look great with pants, dresses and shorts, and are easier to layer than a jacket.


2. Over the Knee Boots/Knee Boots: Do not pack these away yet!! They look adorable with skirts, dresses, and shorts, and they keep your legs warm.




3. White Pants: I wear white all year, but if you are the type who waits until spring, then now is the time to start wearing them. I love white pants in spring paired with light pinks and tan colors.




4. Cropped Denim Jacket: I always liked a denim jacket for spring, summer, and fall, but recently I have been into the crop style. It is flattering on all shapes because it does not give anyone a boxy look.




5. Shorts: All kinds of shorts can start to emerge. I like wearing shorts in spring with long sleeve tops or bodysuits, blouses, or blazers.




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