Peek inside style session…..

I have recently had the pleasure of styling Gia, who I have known since she was a little girl because she is my best friend’s cousin. Gia has had a massive weight loss transformation and needed to buy all new clothes.



She wanted to meet at Torrid to shop and asked me to find her 3-4 looks…..a casual one….a funky-going out one….and a professional one for work.

Here is our overhaul….for under budget may I add.



We went with the following looks, which included basic tanks, work pants, a blouse, jeans, a camo long sleeve t-shirt, and funky leopard pants!


How gorgeous does she look!!! Here is Gia’s take on her styling experience in her own words.


“I had the pleasure of having a style session with Tiffany. I have been overweight my entire adult life, so needless to say, once I lost 55+lbs, I was clueless on how to style my smaller frame. I still visualize myself as being larger and usually opt for the more flowy tops and layers. When Tiff arrived at the store, she asked me to go around and pick what I liked – I immediately picked a shirt that was somewhat flowy. She rejected my pick, telling me to put it back. She starting dashing around the store picking random shirts and pants, piling them in my arms. To be totally honest, I’m more of a plain, jeans and a tee, type person. When she handed me the clothing she picked, I was shocked with one of the outfits. Thinking to myself, leopard print jeans? Oh, hell no. But to my surprise, I tried them on, and I was completely shocked at how much I loved them! I actually wore the outfit last night! Thank you Tiff for taking me out of my comfort zone and finding me some amazing outfits that I would never, in a million years, chose for myself!”


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