Best Coats for Your Body Type

I decided to start my January series “be the best you that you can be” with Coats….since it is winter currently here in Boston. Coats are actually tough to buy because we all kind of have a certain image in our brains about what coats should look like, but yet, sometimes we get to the store and realize our ideal coat is not as flattering as we thought. Here is my guide on what coats will look best on your body type!


  1. Hourglass: Wrap Coats


2. Petite: Cropped Coat Styles/Petite Peacoats/Lots of Faux Fur




3. Tall/Athletic Build: Long Overcoats


4. Pear: Statement Collars/ Double Breasted



5. Plus Size: Loose-Fitting Trench/Fur Trims



If you would like help finding a winter coat at a bargain please reach out to me at