Trendy Ways to Wear Your Fall/Winter Scarves…

I recently got a blog request to suggest stylish ways to wear your scarves now that cooler weather has arrived. OK….so here are my latest favorite 5 ways to style my scarves….


  1. The front of the neck “v fold” with a long cardigan:



Here is how to fold these!



2. With a leather jacket….plaid and leather are kinda an unexpected combo so it gives it an updated, chic style:


3. With a vest….on a kinda cool/kinda not day….it keeps your neck warm without the bulk of a jacket or coat:



4. As a wrap….perfect for work or evenings out:


5. Wear not tied….scarves are expected to be tied….so don’t!:



FYI Amazon online has a TON of scarf options for less than $20! Happy Shopping!