September Top 10 faves!!

Here it is people….the ever so popular monthly top 10 list of randomness in my life!

  1. Swedish Jealousy Lipstick: I know one of the women of this start up company and she is a wonderful person. When she asked me to try out her lipstick I said sure!!! It is cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, and made for all skin tones. Sign up now to receive 10% off at




Love these two colors! Nude and red!



2. An Author: I met Ellen at a styling session at Bloomingdales with my friend Chad. Ellen asked me to include her in my blog and of course I said yes….because well…women should support women! She has recently began writing some amazing books so follow her on insta for updates and check out her latest book projects available on Amazon.



3. YSL heels: I feel that once a year, a lady should invest in an expensive pair of shoes that will last them for the next decade. For me, it was these YSL heels….I mean…no explanation necessary. You can find barley worn, designer shoes like these at Madison Ave. of Melrose by the way!



4. Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside Candle: This smells amazing and only comes out in the Fall months so stock up!



5. Gemma di Luna Wine: Ok I admit…at first I bought this because it has the moon on it and I love the moon AND it is Tiffany blue…but it is delish!



6. Blazers with shorts: Yup love this unexpected trendy twist





7. Chain Belts: Yes I wore these to clubs in the early 2000s….they were resurrected over the summer and I have been getting a ton of compliments when I wear them. You can find them on Amazon.





8. Mustard Dresses: This color is universally flattering and not the typical black dress, which makes it a perfect choice for your Fall evening events. Check this one out from Lady Black Tie.



9. Si by Armani perfume: I am so fussy with perfume and it takes me forever to switch it up, but I am loving this one!



10. Studded Dresses: I have been obsessed with the rockstud trend for the past few years now, but am ecstatic it has been showing all over dressed and skirts lately. Perfect casino wear…..FYI….





Hope you enjoyed the latest top 10 faves!