When you style one of your favorite magazine editors…

So I have been a stylist for Next on Scene magazine and fashion show events during the past year. Jackie, the editor and owner, reached out to me and asked me to find her some mix and match pieces she could rotate in her wardrobe. She mentioned she loved navy, and she also told me that she would like to shop at Lord and Taylor. Now I admit that is not a store I shop at frequently, but I was game to try it.


We actually did amazing and found about 10 pieces in red, navy, white, tan and black that could be mix and matched for both casual days and evenings out and were within her budget. Here is what we found!


Adorable striped t-shirt.


T-shirt and stone-washed denim skirt, which is super on trend!


Red pants, a plaid blouse, and another striped t-shirt.


Light-weight, white top that can be worn with the denim skirt or jeans.


White flares and flowy blouse.


And an adorable tan leather jacket and fringe, black dress….which was my fave I think.



All in all, it was a blast styling Jackie. She looked amazing and we had a ball. If you would like to book a styling session with me, please reach out! And make sure you stay tuned for the Fall issue of Next on Scene magazine!