Flip the Switch…..check me out being styled!!!

So I met Chad and his husband about 3 years ago at Strega Waterfront in Boston. I was hanging out, sort of dancing with my girls when all of a sudden I heard “OMG Your shoes are fierce.” Chad and I were instantly friends…..He recently reached out to me and asked me if he could “flip the switch” and style me. I was so excited because I knew he would pick everything I loved….we headed to Bloomingdales one Friday night and Chad instantly got to work.



Every look he picked was high-end. designer glam and gorgeous! And the shoes….OMG!



We had a professional look:



Full disco Halston dress in a trendy, neon color with some added Tom Ford lipstick:





Summer lace with this amazing perfume:



Girly-girl white lace with a color pop shoe:



Edge….seriously with these studded Alexander Wang shoes though:



FULL ON GLAM…this dress was to die for…..legit ball gown from Paris…I loved it:



Hope you enjoyed reading this “flip the switch article” Message me if you would like to see more of Chad and I on the blog!

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