Styling Apt. Sneak Peak… It is a Don’t miss!

I recently had the pleasure of styling Michelle. Her mom reached out to me and asked if she could purchase a gift card for her daughter as a Mother’s Day gift. She said her daughter is a divorced mom who works extremely hard and never puts herself first. Michelle had some fun events coming up for summer, such as her sister’s bachelorette and wedding rehearsal dinner. Here is a sneak peak into her session with me and her view on it in her own words.



“Hi Tiffany

I can not thank you enough for the most amazing experience. I took a snapchat before I came into the store I wanted to remember how I felt before, how excited, how nervous, how I was some what anxious which was crazy to me because I am not typically a socially anxious person. But I was so ready for this and it was so needed. 5 years ago I got divorced and in the last 5 years I have put my children first, any extra money went to them to what they needed but this experience on Saturday put me first. It was so fun Torrid is one of my favorite stores to shop in although sometimes I have been intimidated by their clothes, you marched in and you went straight to work pulling arm loads, upon arm loads, in those first few moments I looked at you as you picked up high waisted pants and a mid drift shirt that I looked at you and  said to you “I am putting my total trust into you” off to the dressing room you worked so fast organizing all of the pieces. First was the dresses and the high waisted pants and mid drift shirt. I looked at you and said… eeeek I don’t know if I can rock that and you were like “plus size models are rocking it and now you are going to too” in that second, in that moment I felt empowered – I slipped the high waisted outfit on and I felt, beautiful, I felt confident, I felt amazing! More outfits followed casual, dressy, jeans and and jean shorts and yoga’s everything can interchange pretty much. I can not thank you enough.
Sorry my review has taken so long to get to you life has just been so crazy. I will be for sure posting pictures from this upcoming Saturday night as I rock the midriff and high waisted pants for the Bachelorette.
Thank you again.
xo Michelle”
And by the way….look how gorg she looked at her sister’s bachelorette party!
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