June Top 10!!

Back each month by popular demand….here is my June Top 10!!!


  1. Touchstone Crystal: I recently met Christine who sells the most gorgeous jewelry.

In Christine’s words about her business: “We are the world leader in crystal manufacturing for over 120 years. The ice bracelets were featured in Oprah magazine and we have recently partnered with Victoria’s Secret. The Swarovski Foundation supports women’s empowerment, the development of young people and of communities with initiatives in education. If you host a party with Christine you will earn free and discounted jewelry. Also, if you spend $100 you will get 30% off the next item.

Here are some sneak peaks from the summer catalog.

Please contact her  via email at queenchristinecrystals@gmail.com or visit her website at



2. Bumble and Bumble Salt Spray for Hair: This makes the BEST beach waves. I leave my hair wet, spray it, braid my hair and go to bed….and voila…..I wake up with waves!


3. White “dip nails in “American white” color: I am obsessed with the white nail dip….it is literally the ONLY way to not have the sun and chlorine turn your white nails a yellow shade and it lasts 2-3 weeks!


4. Waterproof mascara: These are my two favorites…..You can find them both at CVS or Walgreens. They are inexpensive and they work even in a heatwave.



5. Coconut beauty products….the BEST summer smell!


6. Sunscreen for hair…..yes protect your hair color ladies!!!



7. After Sun Aloe: I love this one, which you can find at Target…keeps your skin nice and cool and soft after a day on the beach.



8. Sunscreen for lips: I love this brand and it gives lips a hint of color too.



9. Tom Ford lipstick: The tube is sharp and classy and the color stays on forever…mine stayed on after eating pizza.




10. Cut Out Booties (with extra cut outs and a peep toe): I love wearing these w rompers currently. Unexpected and chic.



Hope you enjoyed this edition of the monthly Top 10!!!!