April Top 10!!!

Here it is~~The ever popular monthly top 10 list!!! I love everything this time of year because everything seems so new and refreshing in spring. ok….enough…..here is the latest….


  1. Neon: Obsessed with the 1980s comeback….brightens all skin complexions too!



2. Ponytails: Instant face lifts I call them….





3. Bright pink lips/nails: I usually tend to go right to the pale pinks and whites in April and May, but I am loving the pop of brights on my lips and nails…..I think it sort of goes with the color pop trends in the fashion world too.



4. Sally Hansen leg spray: Makes flawless looking legs…legit…..as you start to show them before the summer months arrive…..



5. Cat eye sunglasses: They flatter everyone and are super feminine….I love my pair by Marc Jacobs:



6. Pencil Skirt: I used to hate this style on me, but if you have a smaller waist and curvier hips….it actually is rather flattering…..trust me….try one on:


7. Yellow with florals: Wicked Spring……and yellow also flatters all hair colors.



8. Almond Joy Energy Bites from the Remedy Exchange: They taste JUST like almond joy bars, but they are super healthy and 2-3 fill me up for hours.


9. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue: My bestie recently bought me a huge bottle of this and I forgot how much I LOVE wearing this every day, and how spring-like it is……



10. Retro earrings: I love the 1980s style earrings. They are fun to wear and funk out a plain outfit….



Love this pair from:



Hope you enjoyed the latest top 10!