March Top 10!!!!

I love the month of March!! It is my birthday month….that is true…but I love how the air is filled with a sense of newness in the fashion and beauty worlds. Ok so here are my latest top 10 faves….


  1. Adidas Shell Toes: I have always loved these from day one but for some reason I am like extra loving them right now. They look great with athleisure wear, but they also look chic with leather leggings and a denim shirt.




Personally, I am liking the black ones……


2. Firicano Protein: Many of you ask me how I stay fit and keep the “age aint nuthin but a number” thing happening, and my answer is I follow the 80/20 rule. I eat 80% healthy and 20% whatever….Part of my 80% healthy is starting my day with a protein shake every morning mixed with fruit and greens and one avocado slice. I am currently loving the Firicano Pro Vegan protein powder in vanilla….comes in chocolate too…and comes with whey as well. It is ultra lean and has no artificial ingredients in it. It literally keeps me full until lunch. You can buy at

Use code tiffyg77


3. Hot Pink Dresses: I always associate shades of pink with spring and summer. I also think hot pink looks amazing on both blondes and brunettes.


Check out this gorgeous dress available at Madison Ave. of Melrose.


4. Nude leather skirt: Obsessed with all the light tan neutrals out there this season. It is a nice break from the typical blacks and whites. This color skirt also flatters all skin tones.


I am currently rocking this look a lot!


5. Dark Green Overalls: Yup….overalls are here to stay…..I am actually liking them in the dark green shades with a white top under it. I feel like this adds a modern flare to a 90s trend….


Check this cute pair out from LIT Boutique.


6. Wrap Crop Tops: If you want to show a peek of skin and go with the crop top trend, but still remain tasteful and classy, then this is the way to go!! They flatter all sizes when worn with a high waist skirt or top because they hit at the smallest part of the waist…yes…on everyone….


Love this black and white one from LIT Boutique.


7. Lace up shoes: Super feminine…super trendy…enough said….get a pair!


8. Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea: This is an oldie but a goodie…..and I tend to use it every March!


9. Pure Haven Body Scrub: This product is amazing and all organic and takes off all the dead skin from winter!!! I use it in the shower a few times per week. It comes in a variety of scents, but I am loving the lemon one the best.



Contact @ahurley813 on instagram for more information about these amazing products….you will def. not be disappointed!


10. Blue Majik Bowl from the Remedy Exchange: I am obsessed with acai bowls and this is the latest fave. If you are near the Boston area, definitely check this place out. It is located in Wakefield right near the commuter rail stop.



Hope you enjoyed my latest top 10!