Peek Inside a Styling Session: Girls Night Out Outfit!!

Jen’s friend Marla reached out to me and said “I am taking Jen out for a girls’ night out and I want to get her a gift card to a store and a styling session with you to help her pick an outfit to wear.” I thought that was an awesome idea!!! Here is Jen’s perspective on the experience:

“My goal for this year was to say yes more! Say yes to fitness, friends and family, I also said yes to some new outfits. My amazing friend got my a styling session for my birthday because we had a long overdue girls’ night planned. Time to call in the pros! Paging Dr. Tiffany, paging Dr. Tiffany!

Since Tiffany and I had already worked together I knew to just let this girl do her thing. When we got to the dressing room she had maybe four outfits. I was a little concerned because the margin for error was slim…..

Outfit 1…chevron leggings with a red top! Slam freaking dunk! I felt skinny and sexy something this 41 year old mom hasn’t felt in some time. It was going to be hard to top this.


Up next are these amazing camo leggings with a red stripe with a black top. I will confess now I was nervous. Tops like this sometimes make us busty broads look bigger than we are. I got dressed and shouted “TIFF WE HAVE A PROBLEM!” We did because I loved this outfit just as much as the previous one (first world problems).



This was a tough choice so I left it to the experts. What we decided was say yes to both. Camo for girls night and the red top for a date night. Now of course I have a budget but the 2 outfits combined cost $45! The camo leggings were $4.50 COME ON!!!

Friday night came and I was SO EXCITED to show off my cool mom outfit. It’s not everyday I feel super hip and stylish. Thank you again Tiff for making me feel better than I ever thought I could. Ladies if you are thinking about doing a stylist session DO IT! Still one of the funnest experiences to date, below is the final product.”



******If you would like to book me for a “girls night out” styling session or “find a dress for an event” session…. it is only $30 for the hour so please reach out and contact me!!!!