Peek inside a styling session…..(when you have one specific store in mind) Part 2!

I recently styled Christa, a mom of two older boys who is in her 40s (and looks fabulous by the way.) She reached out to me and said, she loved Express and really wanted to shop there. Her only requests were to find a black dress or black pencil skirt type outfit. First of all, she thought she was one size and she was not. She was skeptical when I started grabbing all the clothes in one size down then she told me she was….but guess what….I was correct…she would have tried items on that were way too loose fitting and would not highlight the hard work she puts in during barre classes. Ok… here is what we found….


*She had on her leather leggings from Express so I suggested we find some new tops that she can mix and match with the leggings.

We found a denim shirt:


And a camo t-shirt:


Next up was a pair of camo leggings (she owned nothing camo and the color pattern looks gorgeous with her coloring). I chose the softest, crop style sweatshirt to match them:


We also paired up the soft sweatshirt with a pair of camo joggers that feel like pajama pants. Love the ripped style knees!


As you can see the joggers also look great with the denim shirt:


Next we have snakeskin leggings with a mustard top and a satin blouse….that cobalt color is definitely her color for 2019 don’t you agree:


Sequin leggings and a funky tank:



White denim jeans from the clearance rack paired with the same funky tank, which will be perfect for her upcoming vacation in March:


Pencil skirt with bodysuit:


Pencil skirt with a different bodysuit (which was her fave by the way):


Body suit with high-waist, trendy style pants:



Which also pair up with the denim shirt:


Satin bodysuit with distressed jeans (love the bottom details on the jeans):


Pencil skirt with blouse:



Black dress:



So as you can see, Christa looked amazing in everything I picked……we had to eliminate a few items to stay within a reasonable budget so we chose to eliminate the following items:

-sequin leggings because she had the snakeskin leggings in the pile too and she would get more use out of that print.

-mustard top because she probably would not wear that as much in spring.

-black dress because the pencil skirt and satin bodysuit sort of look like a one piece dress and they serve the same purpose.



We made out great!!! If you would like to book a styling appointment, please reach out!