Peek inside a styling appointment with an amazing lady….Part 1

I recently styled Christa, who is a mom in her 40s that has one son in college and one son in middle school. Christa looks amazing from all of the barre classes she takes. When she reached out to book a styling session with me, I was beyond excited because I grew up on the same street as her and I remember looking up to her thinking she was “so cool” when I was younger. Before I give too much away about the session, which you will see more of in Part 2… is her take on the appointment.


In Christa’s words:

          “I’ve known Tiffany since she was a baby. We grew up across the street from one another and she has always been quite the fashion forward young lady. From Madonna gloves and bows up to the present day. She has a knack. A gift. A super power. A way of knowing what clothes and accessories fit seamlessly together. On top of that, she knows how to fit different body types to different styles of clothing. After seeing a few of my friends being styled by Tiff I was so excited to set up my appointment!

      “I have a difficult time picking out clothes for myself. Not only am I my own worst critic but I tend to buy the same clothes over and over again. My closet is full of the same tops and bottoms and various sizes. I tend to buy clothes that are too big for me because I LOVE to be comfortable. I feel like I am more confident when I am comfy in my clothes so I have a closet full of clothes that really don’t fit the way they are meant to. This is why I was so looking forward to shopping with Tiffany. Also, I love her and I knew that we would be going for dinner after lol.

            Tiffany dove right in and began to pick out one outfit after another. I would have NEVER picked out 95% of what Tiffany asked me to try on. 32 outfits later…. I wanted to buy every single outfit Tiffany suggested. I actually loved every single outfit! We had to make some difficult choices at the cash register but that is a problem that I didn’t mind having J.

            It was wonderful to have someone that knew exactly what would work with my body type. I felt so comfortable in every outfit too! That was a huge factor for me. All the pieces I purchased are interchangeable so I have double the outfits! Thank you to Tiffany for taking the stress out of clothes shopping and for a really fun night!”



Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!!!!!!!