Coat/Jacket Trends…cause Brrrr it’s cold out…

This is the time of year we just have to pull out the coats from the closets……We usually have some old faves that we love, but every year there seems to be a new style coat or jacket that comes out. I love coats…perhaps because I am always cold…or perhaps because my mother’s favorite clothing item to buy has always been coats so I also developed a love for them. Anyhow, this year there are just SO MANY styles for coats and jackets that everyone will be able to find one they love to update their winter wardrobes. Here goes my list!!


  1. Belted:




2. Black, Straight Peacoat:




3. Red:



Last year I got a red Canadian Goose jacket. It is so worth the money because it is the warmest jacket in the world!!!



4. Leopard:



I actually got a lightweight, leopard bomber jacket in the Guess outlet one day when I was randomly browsing.



5. Faux Fur:



This may be my favorite style coat to wear currently.







These coats come from LIT boutique in Boston, which always has the latest coat and jacket trends.


6. Mauve/Pink:



I actually got a mauve coat from Target last year before the color was trendy and I am beyond glad that I did!!!



7. Feathers:



8. PVC (hello 1995):



I have one in red (guess I am drawn to red coats LOL)



9. Puffer:



10. Cape Coat (not really for warmth, but they do look very pretty on):



11. Teddy Coat (huge new trend for this year and super comfy):



Love the color of this one from LIT. It LITerally matches everything!



If you need any help locating a new coat or jacket for winter please let me know!!!