What the Heck Do I Wear on Thanksgiving?? (and still be comfy)

Thanksgiving is the toughest holiday to dress for I think. You really want to wear pajamas all day because you know you will feel full and stuffed from all the food. However, for some reason it is not as acceptable to wear pajamas on Thanksgiving like it is on Christmas. Last year I wrote an article about what to wear on this holiday, while still looking chic and comfortable, and it was a huge hit! Therefore I figured I would do it again with some updated styles and trends: OK…Here goes….

  1. Empire Waist Dresses: If you want to dress up, this is the style dress to wear. It is flowy and flatters everyone. The waist is a loose fit and it won’t press on your stomach.


I am loving this style dress right now…especially in all the Fall prints and color patterns.


2. Straight Leg Pants and Peplum Top: Let’s face it…we all get bloated on this holiday….we just do….Peplum is the perfect fit for this because it covers the lower stomach area.


3. Joggers and Bodysuits: I know you are thinking I am crazy for suggesting a bodysuit on Thanksgiving, but they are really flattering…I promise…..and Joggers feel like sweatpants, but look super stylish and trendy so it is like a win-win. I actually think I may be wearing a pair of leather-like joggers myself this Thanksgiving.


4. Graphic Tops that Say Thankful or Blessed: Graphic shirts are not going away any time fast. If you prefer dressing casual with jeans, leggings, or sweats, then this is the look for you.


I went with a shirt that says “Blessed” to wear over Thanksgiving weekend.



5. Leggings and Sweaters: We all have these and know they are comfortable. Add a scarf or funky accessory to jazz it up a little.


If you want to wear leggings, but look a little less casual…like myself….because my family tends to dress up for every holiday…..then wear leather leggings instead.


Leather leggings plus a chunky sweater has definitely been my go to look this Fall when I want to look “dressed up” but feel wicked comfortable at the same time.



I hope this article was helpful….and I wanted to say I am thankful for all my readers! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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