Inside a Styling Appointment…Part 2!!!!!!

I recently styled Danielle….a wonderful wife, mother, and person! I have known Danielle for about 3 years as we work out together at Studio Poise in Lynnfield, Mass. I have seen Danielle’s weight loss journey both pre and post pregnancy. She is currently walking around with clothes that are about two sizes too big for her, which absolutely hides all of her hard work and effort to lose over 30 lbs!!!


Danielle told me she literally has not bought clothing in about two years, so not only did she need clothes that fit properly, but she also needed some trendy pieces in her closet too. Since Danielle is on the verge of having plus size clothes not fit anymore, I thought it would be a good idea to head to the store called Torrid, because they start in a size 10 and go up from there, so they have a great selection for curvy women, both plus size and regular size.

I pulled a ton of clothing for Danielle……she rolled her eyes at some items….however, my rule is you do not have to buy it, but you do have to try it all on…she behaved and she did try it all on.


We settled on a lot of mix and match items that could be worn to work or out on a Saturday as the busy mom of a 1 year old. We got 18 items total which made about 30+ outfit combos. I will highlight a few below……

***One closet staple was a pair of black jeggings with pockets on the back. They literally look amazing with every single style shoe and can be dressed up or down.

Here they are with a sweater for work. Note how although the sweater is flowy, it cinches in at the top so it avoids a “boxy look.”


Here they are with a basic, white t-shirt and a denim top for a casual day at the office or for a day off.


Here they are with a sweater. Note the neckline….instantly slimming and draws the eyes up.


Here they are with the white t-shirt and camo bomber jacket.


We made sure to find a trendy, long cardigan in a neutral color that she can use for layering.



There were so many more items that we paired with these jeggings actually….but on to the next item….

Danielle wanted a funky outfit for an upcoming holiday party. I was determined to get her in a pair of leather leggings….she was like “no way.” As I thought…..they ended up being her favorite outfit. Leather leggings are actually super slimming with their suction effect. We decided to pair them with this flowy, black mock neck top. For her holiday party, Danielle is going to wear red heels and rock a red lip.



I also showed Danielle that these leather leggings would still look amazing with her camo bomber jacket and a pair of converse or booties.


I mean she is killing it….and I am so glad she decided to buy these platform boots, because they pair so nicely with all of her items and they came to only $36.

Her favorite color is cobalt blue, so we found a blouse to match the leather leggings, which is another option for an evening look.


I think everyone should have a pair of pants in a color pop. Plum is definitely going to be super trendy for the holiday season and the upcoming winter, so we went with a straight leg fit in a gorgeous plum color. This can be worn with any style shoe and is perfect for her office.

We paired it with a gorgeous cream colored blouse with gold feather accents on it. This blouse also looks great with black pants, as well as jeans.



The plum pants are also casual enough to wear with the denim top.


We tried on jeans and decided on two pairs. The first pair was a flared, darker denim that can definitely transition between work and play.



We also found a super trendy, distressed pair that has zippers on the sides. Danielle was definitely not sure about these jeans but they looked amazing on her!!! And how cute is this camo sweater by the way??



I also found this funky black sweater with the cut out shoulders. I think she hated it…until she looked in the mirror and realized how amazing she looked!!! I actually think this outfit shows off all her hard work the best!


She saved over $440 off the total price and got an entire new wardrobe for less than $500!!! Including boots!!!!!!

Check out her before style in comparison with her after style….I think we slayed this!



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