Opinion on a Styling Appointment….From the person who was “in” the fitting room :) PART 1!!!!

I recently styled the gorgeous Danielle Mallett. Here is her “blog” write up of the experience which I wanted to showcase before I share my own article tomorrow……This one is a “don’t miss.” I love reading letters such as this because I truly got into blogging and styling in order to make women feel good about themselves and build up their self-confidence.



So here goes….make sure you read 🙂

Written by Danielle:

“Most women and girls love clothes shopping.  Shopping is a stress reliever for many women and they feel better buying something that they love and looks great on them.  For this girl shopping is a nightmare. Clothes shopping has been a dreadful nightmare for me since a very young age.  Clothes never fit me right, I was always too big to shop in the trendy stores and PLUS size has haunted me my entire adult life.  Now I know what you are all thinking “lose weight”.  I really wish it was that easy.  There are many people out there who are plus size and do not have great habits and do nothing to try to change those habits.  I on the other hand am not that person.  My entire life I have been active playing sports, working out, running, spinning whatever it maybe.  I am the most active “fat person” you will meet.  I have done every diet under the sun and no matter what I tried to do the weight just didn’t come off.  I ended up consulting endocrinologist and come to find out I basically have a non-active thyroid.

In 2014 I got married and was probably the smallest I had ever been. We’re talking like a 16 (still a plus size) I was working out like a maniac and counting every single thing that was going in my mouth.  After the wedding we bought a house and enjoyed every minute of being newlyweds.  I was still very active but not always counting what was going in my mouth (life happens, I was having too much fun).   November of 2017 my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl Lydia into the world.  I had a very healthy pregnancy and was active the whole time.  The big joke at the studio was I was going to squat the baby out because I was literally squatting at 8 months pregnant every day for the most part.  After I had Lydia and was cleared to work out again I had a long talk with my doctor.  She said to me: “Danielle you need to get real”.  My first thought, is this lady kidding? I just had a baby, like lay off me.  Well she was right.  I needed to be healthy for my family and for myself.  In April 2018 I started the Whole 30 Program.  It has been no walk in the park.  If you are not familiar with Whole 30 it is pretty much no wheat, no grain, no dairy, no soy, no sugar no legumes.  Great, what does leave? Lettuce and chicken.  It is a lot of food prep and I swear to god I am cooking every free second I have.  I stuck to it and here we are 7 months later, I am down 30 pounds.  I feel great and couldn’t be happier with my results.

Here is where my experience with Tiffany comes in. I bought so many clothes after I had Lydia. I needed to go back to work and nothing fit. With my recent weight loss the clothes I bought look totally ridiculous and are hanging off me. I felt very frumpy and looked messy. Tiffany and I work out together at Studio Poise.  I noticed that she had styled another mom we know and I thought to myself.  I need her.  We set up a time and I bit the bullet and reached out to her after class. I had no idea what I was in for, but boy was it worth it.  I won’t lie, as she was pulling clothes off the rack I was very skeptical. Actually my god’s honest thought was: “Oh hell no, this bitch thinks I am wearing leather”.  I have to say I bought the leather and also bought a jacket with camouflage print.  If anyone knows me THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.  Tiffany really got me out of my comfort zone and showed me how to dress myself for my size and body shape.  She is very knowledge about clothing and really knows what to pair together.  I ended up getting over 30 outfits with what I bought.  She is great with finding a bargain and saved me a lot of money!   I can’t thank Tiffany enough and am excited to do this again in the Summer when I am down another 15-20 pounds (here’s hoping). 


Thank you so much Danielle and make sure readers that you stay tuned for tomorrow’s article!!!!! It is a don’t miss!!!!






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