Ten Super Easy Halloween Costumes for Women….

I have been getting a lot of questions lately asking me for ideas about Halloween costumes. One person said, “Since you are so great at styling outfits, could you write an article suggesting easy ways to put together Halloween costumes using clothes you already have in your closet.” I thought it was a great idea for an October article!! Hence….here are my top picks for Halloween 2018!!!


  1. Black Cat….super easy…wear black leggings or leather leggings and any black top you own….buy some cat accessories and you are good to go!


2. Tinkerbell…wear any green dress…get a wand….some wings….add a wig or tiara……done…..



3. Cruella de vil…..wear any black dress you own and get an inexpensive, white faux fur jacket (which is trendy by the way so you can wear it later too)…..you can find a typical Cruella wig or do your makeup like she does in the movie too.


4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s…..again…just wear your favorite black dress and accessorize like Audrey Hepburn. This is one of the easiest costumes in the article in my opinion.



5. Pineapple…..This past summer pineapples were everywhere so why not continue the trend for Halloween!!! Just wear a yellow dress (there are many inexpensive ones that can be found online due to summer clearance sales) and make a green “topper” with materials you can get a craft store.


6. It’s Raining Men….This is if you want to go for the comedy effect….Just get a raincoat and tape on pictures of men to your coat and umbrella…hahaha…I think this one is hysterical and awesome all rolled into one.


7. Angel….wear a white dress and buy wings and a halo….



You can also be an angel on top of a Christmas tree!! I loved this one!



8. Minnie Mouse…Polka Dots are very trendy right now in the fashion world, so it is not a bad idea to buy a red polka dot skirt anyways…If you do that, then you just need some mouse ears and some face paint.


9. Ghostbusters…..grab a Ghostbusters t-shirt….which are always in Target (FYI)…..and you are sort of self-explanatory!


10. Scarecrow….jeans and a flannel and face paint….I actually was a scarecrow last Halloween…..I was the “good” scarecrow and my son was the “evil” scarecrow. Instead of face paint, you can actually find scarecrow face decals like I have on in this picture that are super easy to use!



Happy Halloween!!! (and reach out to me for help with costume ideas any time!)