What to Bring for a Weekend Getaway: Part 2 The Big City…..

Although many of us think of summer weekend get-aways as going to the beach or lake, many people go to the city. In fact, I love to go to New York City during the summer months!!! It is one of my favorite times of the year to go. Now, packing for a city trip is definitely different from packing for a lake or beach weekend. When I pack for a city trip, I tend to think sleek and chic combos…I always use black and white as a base to mix and match, and then add in a pop of color with red, pink, turquoise, or yellow.

OK…..So here is what I would pack if I was headed to a weekend away in the city!!!


  1. Leather leggings…..This is just a must…they look good with converse and a t-shirt, as well as heels and a flowy tank. They never wrinkle when packed either, and they always look hot.


2. Jeans….No brainer…I mean who doesn’t pack at least one pair of jeans for a trip anyways….


***My latest favorite jeans are by “bleu-bleu”. Softest jeans in the world!


3. Loose White t-shirt….I would probably wear this traveling with jeans or leggings actually. I love a loose white t-shirt because it looks great with jeans, joggers, and leather leggings.


4.Black dress….When I think of NYC or Miami, I tend to think “little black dress”…add metallic heels for a retro, disco vibe and you will be ready for a night out of dancing.


5. Romper/Jumpsuit…..For my other “going out at night” outfit, I would pack a romper or a jumpsuit….easy to pack….looks great with strappy heels…..very mod…..but slightly different than the black dress look.


I actually took a black romper for a recent trip to NYC…..



6. Graphic T-shirt….I love graphic t -shirts and think they fit into a city vibe perfectly. I always feel like when you look around a city, many people are expressive about their thoughts, so why not be open with yours and rock a graphic t-shirt. They look great with jeans, jean skirts, jean shorts, leggings, etc….


7. Joggers….Although you can take leggings anywhere, when I pack for a city trip, I tend to pack leather leggings and a pair of joggers, instead of the basic black leggings. I feel like joggers can have a casual vibe, or you can wear them with heels out at night. They also look cute with a graphic t-shirt and a loose white t-shirt too.


Here is me in my joggers and heels in the city!



8. Sequin shorts….ya I said sequin….sequins are a huge trend currently…what better place to wear them then the city!! And yes… you can dress them up or down!!!!!



9. White Blazer…instead of the typical sweater…mix it up…pack a white blazer!! You will look sharp…and it looks great paired with jeans, a dress, a jumpsuit, over a t-shirt, etc…


10. Slinky tank….. I always pack one of these as an “extra” item. Try and find one in material that does not wrinkle. I like a slinky, flowy tank because it looks great with jeans, shorts, and with leather leggings. It is also perfect for a day you feel kind of bloated.


I wore a slinky tank with leather leggings on a trip to the city.


11. White tank top….This item is a basic piece that must be packed on every trip, year round…….no matter what the destination is!!!! I am actually loving white tank tops paired with white jeans…”all white everything”….



12. Shoes…I would take 3 pairs….nude flip flops, converse, and your fave heels.


13. Two bathing suits….When I went to NYC last summer, it was filled with roof deck pools….so fun by the way….kind of like being at a club in the daytime that you can swim at….LOL….Anyways, there are so many current bathing suit trends out there lately. For a city trip, I would probably choose something in a metallic color or polka dot print.



If you are still a tad overwhelmed, I thought this condensed list was helpful and easy to follow as a shopping or packing guide.



*** And as always, please contact me for any help or guidance you may need!!