What To Bring for a Weekend Getaway At The Beach/Lake…

I can not even begin to tell you the messages, questions, and requests for help I get about what to pack for a trip…especially weekend trips. I think most women find it easier to pack for a week, as opposed to packing for a 3 day trip. It is like they know they have to streamline what they choose, which makes it more difficult… Here goes my list!!!!!

  1. Loose white t-shirt….comfy…matches everything…can be casual or dressed up with accessories…



2. Two bathing suits… I know a ton of people who make it a whole weekend with just taking one bathing suit….I am definitely not that person…There is nothing worse than putting on a wet bathing suit that has not fully dried in the morning….so just take two…the one you wear on Friday will be ready for Sunday….but you need a back up for Saturday…trust me….



3. Jean shorts…These are as essential as packing underwear…Denim shorts are SUPER versatile when you are at the beach or lake. You can wear them casually in the daytime…you can wear them over a bathing suit…you can wear them at night when you dress them up with accessories…and one pair will last the entire weekend.



4. White blouse… This works with jean shorts… over a bathing suit…with leggings….over a maxi dress…I try and take an over-sized one in case I want to wear it as a cover-up…I just tie it up to make it shorter if I want the option to wear it with shorts or fitted pants.



5. Maxi or t-shirt dress… easy to pack….looks great always no matter the time of day….



6. Tank Tops…Without a doubt, you must pack a white tank and a black tank. They are great for layering and also over a bathing suit. You can also wear with pants and heels or a maxi skirt and sandals for dinners out.



7. Flowy Pants…Nothing screams “beachy” more than wide leg, flowy pants….



8. Romper…Again…easy to pack…usually a romper material does not wrinkle…can double as a cover-up…can also be worn out to lunch or dinner…



9. Beach Hat…Who the heck wants to wash their hair on a quick, weekend get away….



10. Over sized sweater…. This is ridiculously comfy…does not wrinkle when packed…. and works with any outfit I suggested to pack on this trip….




11. Leggings…I do not travel anywhere without a pair of leggings…I just do not…They take up no space in a suitcase or duffel bag whatsoever and are so versatile. Also, if you are near a lake, leggings are great for hikes and long walks…



12. Denim Top…Works like a sweater, but it is more versatile because it looks better over a bathing suit!



13. Graphic T-shirts….Fun!!!! Like the water at the beach or the lake!!!




14. Shoes…about 3 pairs…I suggest nude flip-flops (match all colors and prints), converse, and a block heel or espadrille….




****If you are a visual person, here are two lists that you can use to help you organize yourself….and one list of basics that you can use as a checklist!!!!!








I actually enjoy packing so please feel free to reach out for any help you may need!!!!!