Best Bathing Suit for your Body Type!

Ok I got an OVERWHELMING amount of requests for this article. I am so sorry but bathing suit shopping is stressful….so I am hoping that this guide takes some of your stress away and you can hit the beach, pools, and lakes with a smile and feel comfortable!

I have split this article up into the six main concerns women have when finding swimwear for themselves: curvy, athletic build, tummy concealing, pear-shaped, large cup sizes, and small chests……so here goes!

  1. Curvy Fit…..Think of an hourglass shape……Wearing asymmetrical or color-blocking suits are extremely flattering. I also find retro suits to be flattering because most of the styles created decades ago were originally made for curvy women.

Here are asymmetrical suits:








And retro:




2. Athletic Build….Usually this body shape lacks curves….hence you do not want to pick a style bathing suit that highlights the waist. Instead you want to try to create a fuller shape by adding in prints, ruffles, and embellishments. Wearing a “cheeky” bikini bottom also creates the illusion of having a bigger bum 🙂

Bold Prints:
















Cheeky Bottoms:





3. Tummy Concealing…..Believe it or not, this is not as difficult to conceal as one may think. There are so many adorable high waist suits that are trending that pull in the lower stomach, as well as pretty empire waist styles for plus size women.





Wrap Skirts:




Empire Waist:




And how cute is this look by the way!!!



4. Pear Shaped: This shape is usually larger on the bottom and smaller on the top ……hence myself!! Pear shapes look better in skirts, plunging necklines to draw the focus upwards, halters, and high waists. Boy shorts should be avoided at all costs because they actually cut the legs off and make them appear larger.





Halters/Plunging necklines:




High Waisted:





5. Larger Cup Sizes….Whatever style you choose, make sure the straps are adjustable!!! This will help lift your breasts up. I think that molded cups, an underwire, and buying a two piece set where the tops come in bra sizes are also key for women with large busts.




6. Small-chest… again!!!!! Triangle tops, ruffles, bold prints, bandeau tops and padded bras all work great for size A and B cup breasts.

Triangle Tops:







Bold Prints:




Bandeau Top:




Padded: My favorite padded swimsuits come from Voda Swim! They never get water-logged and they increase your cup size in a flattering, realistic way.




If you would like any personal shopping assistance with finding a new bathing suit, please contact me!