How to Wear Overalls….

I know many of you rolled your eyes when you realized overalls were back. If you are over 30 you may have thought to yourself that you are too old to wear them or that you have “been there and done that.” This is so false. First of all, overalls are similar to denim in the sense that they basically go with everything. Second of all, they are actually easier to fit because both overall shorts and pants are supposed to fit sort of loose in the hips and thigh areas, which makes them “forgiving” for the stomach, but, and legs. Here are some ways you can wear overalls that are appropriate for all ages and sizes.

  1. Add a cute accessory to make it more feminine, such as a scarf, bright clutch, or statement necklace.




2. Add a pop of red with heels, flats, a scarf, or a hat.





3. With a striped shirt.




4. As a bathing suit cover up.




5. With a bralette……this is def for the bold person….!




6. With a blazer….sort of even makes overalls appropriate for “business casual.”




7. With a leather jacket…perfect combo for cool nights out in the city.




8. With a floppy hat….screams summer in America…..




9. With a tank top….can not get more basic (or inexpensive) then this….




I actually sported this look out last weekend….



10. With a crop top…if you wanted to rock a crop top, but are a little scared to do so, this is the perfect way to wear one because you will only see skin on the sides of your body as the overall patch in the front will cover your abdomen.





*I prefer to wear my overalls with a basic, white tank and a printed heel. It combines basic with chic and works for day or night.




I bought my overalls at Target!!! They were less than $30 so if the trend disappears by next year, I will not be upset because I did not spend a lot.

If you need help locating the right fit overall, please reach out. They are super comfortable and easy to pack for a vacation so def. invest in a pair!