The 1990s are Back!!! Get Ready!

So the saying what goes around comes around is definitely true in the fashion world…and what is coming around again is the 1990’s…..haven’t you browsed around stores recently and felt a sense of nostalgia as you looked around?? I have! The 1990’s was definitely marked by some unique fashion trends…..and they are back!!! Here is what you can expect to see a lot of in the months to come….and yes you can still wear most of it….even if you are repeating it for the second time (like myself.)

  1. Chokers…..this necklace was everywhere at one time!!! They are trendy again. This is actually one of the 90s trends that is currently suiting for women of all ages from 13 to 70!!! Easy and inexpensive way to rock a current fashion trend.


Here is me rocking one from Serendipitous Jewelry.



2. Newsboy Hats….I remember being obsessed with this style hat in like 1998…especially the pink Dior one…..anyhow….I digress…they are back….I am actually quite happy about this trend because they go with everything…..they look great with a tank top and jeans, and they look amazing with a dress too.


Mine is from @spahkled….do you follow them on insta yet?? $5 off when you mention me by the way!!!


3. Overalls….I bet you did not think you would ever wear these again??? Yup….me neither….I def rocked them in the 1990s tho….here I am with my cousins….




Recently I broke down and I bought some…yup I did….at Target….and they are super cute….


I bet you think these would be unflattering…yup I did too… however….the opposite is true. They are more roomy, so it is easier to find a pair to fit your hips, thighs, and stomach areas. See below.


And they really do look super cute on everyone I must say….


4. Track pants….I think we ALL wore these in the 1990s….they good news is they have come along way and are more acceptable now to wear with heels for a night out. In the 90s we wore them strictly as a casual look. They are currently much more versatile.


I just recently bought an Adidas pair….



And a dressy, floral pair to wear with heels…..(at Target by the way!!!!!!)



5. Jean jacket with Patches…..yup this is back too…and you do not have to be under 25 to wear it.


Bro Denim just made me the cutest patched denim jacket…I did stick with just 2 patches because I think that is more age appropriate and I get a ton of compliments on it.


6. The one shoulder….I do not think I went out to a club or bar in the late 1990s without one or both shoulders out…lately I find myself doing the same thing…super flattering on all sizes because it brings the eyes upwards away from the body areas that most women find problematic.



I admit….I was VERY skeptical to rock many of these trends again, but I instantly felt youthful when I put them on!!! If you need help finding the perfect 90’s fit for yourself, please contact me!