12 items that should be in everyone’s closets!!!!!!

So I recently came across this picture and thought to myself……”wow…I totally agree with this photo and the fact that these 12 items are perfect basics to have in everyone’s closets!!!”



I am going to show you below how I loved to work these 12 items during the transitions between seasons, such as Winter to Spring….

  1. Striped Shirt….Black and White stripes are such a classic print. In fact, I wrote a blog about them last summer actually. They can be dressed up or worn casually. They look great with bright colored pants, white pants, or basic black. The print is timeless, so if your purchase a good quality shirt you will have it forever!




2. Beige cardigan…Beige is a great nuetral that literally matches every color in the world. Sweaters are amazing pieces for layering. They often fit very nicely in a tote bag when you are out of the day and the weather changes. I am loving the longer, oversized cardigans that are in right now!




3. Denim shirt….I can not live without my jean shirt from Express!!! I layer it over bathing suits, dresses, leggings, workout clothes, etc….Just like a beige sweater matches all colors and prints….so does a denim shirt.



4. White Long Sleeve T-shirt…. we all have white short sleeve t-shirts in our closets, but do we all have a long sleeved one??? Well, we should!!! They are great to wear with shorts when it is slightly cool out, or over a tank and leggings after the gym. They look great with skirts, under vests, or dressed up with a statement necklace. Old Navy and Target have these in stock ALL the time!!



5. Oversized Grey Sweater… I love oversized sweaters. They are comfortable, like a blanket…. Grey is still trending in a huge way…most likely because it works in all seasons….looks great with white pants and pastels in Spring and Summer, as well as with black and maroon in the Fall and Winter months.




6. White Blouse….not much to say about this except they have been around for hundreds of years and everyone should have one. My favorite is the Portofino style from Express.



7. Camel Sweater….Growing up, I recall my mother always asking for a camel colored, cashmere sweater for Christmas. I understand why now. It is a perfect wardrobe staple for the working woman, or the women who has a more minimalist, classic style.



8. Black Dress…no matter what body shape you have, there is a dress for everyone!!! From plus size to petites!! Choose from bodycon, fit and flare, Mini, Maxi, A-line, etc….BUT GET ONE!



9. Black skinny pants…. These are like the universal pants in regards to shoes. They match flip flops, flats, sneakers, wedges, stilettos, ankle booties, and riding boots.



10. Black Pencil Skirts….believe it or not…the pencil skirt is a universally flattering skirt. It looks amazing on curvy women, because it accentuates a small waist, and pencil skirts with a peplum style look great on women who are not comfortable with something fitted on their stomachs.



11. Flared jeans…..These are universally flattering because the biggest part of the jean is at your ankles…therefore….if you do not like your hips, butt, thighs, or stomach….it does not matter because they will all look smaller anyways!!!!




12. Colored Pants….Pick a color…any color….but do pick one to mix and match with all of your neutral colored shirts!! It gets you away from the everyday jeans and black pants style.



As always…please contact me if you would like help with personal shopping or styling!