Colored Heels

Spring/Summer 2017 shoe trends are cool and hip, and full of 1980’s color nostalgia! I love all the bright, neon colors of the 1980’s. There is nothing like adding a bright pop of color to an outfit. I love adding color with footwear. It is an easy way to “spiff” up a look. You do not need to think about what you weigh, what bra you need, if you look bloated, if you will be cold..etc etc etc…lol I love a bright, colored, closed-toe, classic stiletto heel. It works in fall and spring. It never goes out of style, and it goes with both jeans and a black dress.

I had a party to go to last Friday night. It was kind of cool out, but I am so so so sick of winter here in Boston, and wanted to dress somewhat spring like! I ended up finding this pair of bright colored heels on Amazon. They come in various colors and sizes, are super comfy (despite being high), and are less than $25! It was like a win-win all around. Here is a picture of the pair I got. I actually loved them so much, and they were so comfortable (even through disco dancing), that I am going to order them in another color.heel1


I fell in love with the look in the picture below when I saw it on Pinterest. I am obsessed with black leather pants anyways. My go-to pairs come from Express. When I do not want to “just wear jeans again”, I always wear black leather leggings. Anyhow, I was  obsessed with trying to duplicate this look. I think I did ok….I did add a choker too…just because it went with the 1980’s/early 1990’s vibe…




If you are a person who wants to start adding more color into your style, but are a bit unsure about wearing a bright colored top, or a funky pair of pants, than a bright heel is the way to go for you. They are rather inexpensive (especially if you buy the pair I bought above from Amazon), and they match perfectly with basic colors, like black, white, or grey.


They also can take any basic tank top/jean outfit from day to night. Change out of your converse and throw on your heels! Here are some examples of different outfits with a colored heel.


As you can see, these women are wearing items most of us have in our closets, but the pop of color in the shoes make them look far from basic. So take the risk, pick out your favorite color, and strut your stuff…