Guess Who’s Back….back again….COACH!

Remember when Coach was all the rage??? And then it wasn’t… classic as Coach is, it was considered outdated during the last 5-10 year span. Then there was J Lo resurrecting the Coach brand this Spring.

And just like…..people love it again….including me. I actually think it’s great! I mean it is what I like to term “designer affordable.” Here are some of my latest Coach faves!

  1. Belt Bag:

2. Reversible Belts:

3. Backpacks:

4. Tote:

5. The Tom Wesslemann Collection:

7. Pillow Shoulder Bag:

8. Headband:

9. Sandals:

10. Boots:

Happy Shopping!!!!!

Also PSA…..Coach has an outlet online that also has amazing deals!