What is in my beach bag???? The beach bag top 10!

Believe it or not I continue to get asked what is in my pocketbook, what do I pack, and what is in my beach bag……well, since we are smack dab in the middle of summer I figured I would share what is in my beach/pool bag on the regular.

  1. Target Towels:

2. Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil Spray SPF 15

3. Maui Babe Browning Lotion: This makes your legs soooo dark. I layer it over my spf!

4. Scrunchies: This is a must. I mean who doesn’t wrap their hair in a bun at the pool?

5. Travel Size Deoderant:

6. Coconut Lip Balm: I love this one by Sephora

7. People Magazine: My favorite summer read since I read academic material all school year.

8. Beach Sweater: I am always cold so……

9. Denim Shorts: Still the best cover up ever…..

10. Cheap sunglasses: I never put my designer sunglasses in my beach bag because they can very easily get crushed or ruined or lost!

Hope you enjoyed the beach bag edition of the top 10!