March Top Ten!

I actually have 11 on the March Top Ten list because I just could not decide which one to take off….lol…….so here is my monthly faves.

  1. Pirq Vegan Protein Shakes: Every flavor is delicious and it keeps me super full from breakfast through lunch.

2. Evil Eye Tanks: I made these recently and they are my favorite tanks I have made thus far. Message to pre order!

3. Black Jelly Beans: When I was little I used to hate these. I literally picked them out and handed them to my dad to eat, but now I like them the best. See tastes really do change.

4. Scupltra: This is my current love for anti-aging treatments. Please contact Bianca for more info.

5. Funny Bunny Dip Powder: The return of funny bunny for the season. The perfect white!

6. Spanx Petites: I have always loved the faux leather leggings by Spanx, but now they make petites too! If you are under 5’2″ you will not have to hem these.

7. Oreo 110 Birthday Flavor: SO apparently my favorite cookie is also an Aries! These are so yummy!

8. Curl Blast Mascara: If you have a lash lift, you literally need a drop of this mascara and you look super awake and full of lashes!

9. Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea: This scent is the epitome of Spring.

10. Almond Joy Creamer: I am one of those people that love almond joy bars at Easter. This gives me a little treat without all the added sugar.

11. Bandana Shirts: These are back from the early 2000s, but so much more subtle. They are actually very flattering at the waist line too. I found this one at Macys!

Hope you liked this month’s top 10!