February Top 10!

Short month, but alas here is my monthly top 10!

  1. Puma Platforms: I can not wait to buy these for Spring!

2. Mini Bags: As convenient as the cross body bag, but a new twist. This one is from LIT Boutique.

3. Snakeskin Pops for Winter with All Black Outfits:

4. Mod Prints:

5. Velour: Like wearing pajamas. I am loving this return!

6. Cover Girl Lash Blast Clean: This is great when you have a lash lift to keep the lashes separated.

7. Lameige Lip Mask: This is a must to wear at night to prevent dry lips from cold weather.

8. Suja Juice: I am loving these grab and go green jucies

9. Low Side Pony: This may be my go to for Spring when I am in a rush now that my hair is long!

10. L’Oreal Root Rescue: I use this to color my roots in between salon appointments. It is super easy to do and inexpensive too.

Hope you enjoyed the monthly top 10!