January Top 10!

Winter monthly top tens are not as fun as summer top tens….maybe cause January days seem sort of blah. I must say though, I am loving everything on my list this month!

  1. Bath and Body Frosted Coconut Snowball: Body cream is a must, especially in winter. I love to go with seasonal scents in regards to my body creams. I love how this one has a touch of summer with the coconut smell.

2. Churro Strips: I got these at Whole Foods and they smell delicious! They are a healthy option when you crave something sweet, as they are made with avocado oil, coconut sugar, and they are free of so many of the major allergens.

3. Shein Little Black Dresses: I am obsessed with Shein dresses. I love how they are inexpensive but on trend. Who wants to spend a lot on a dress you are wearing to a five hour wedding? Look at this dress I recently got for a winter wedding! It cost only $11!!!!!

4. Pink Faux Fur: Pastels are unexpected in the winter. I love faux fur. Why not combine the two?

5. Old School Reeboks: Yup they are back! I ordered this pair recently, but will probably wait until March to start wearing them.

6. Platform Comverse: These look great with flared and wide leg jeans. I also love a boost since I am on the shorter side. They are a way to dress up a sporty or casual look. I bought them in black, but wish I got them in neutral.

7. John Frieda Cream: If you have straight hair, that gets full of static in the cold weather, this product is a must. I rub a tiny amount through dry hair and I am good to go.

8. White Winter Boots: White boots are still very much on trend. I scored this work boot style, which are great in the snow, at Nordstrom Rack on sale.

9. Green Juice: I like green juice, but yet I don’t. LOL It has to taste a certain way. This version from Whole Foods is delicious and full of fruits and veggies. Since it is pre-made, it is also a great grab and go option.

10. Ellis Super Amber Perfume: This is the perfect winter scent. It has a woodsy, musky, vanilla like smell. Get it at The Beauty Cafe in Melrose. Tell Karen I sent ya!

Hope you liked the monthly top 10! Stay warm!