What To Buy During the “After Holiday” Sales?

I love to find a good deal. I also love to shop. Hence I love to shop all the post holiday sales at the end of December. Here are some items that always seem to be a good buy each year!

  1. Decorations: If you want to change up your decor, this is the time to do it…..not in November when the demand is too high.

2. Gift Wrapping Items: Put them in a storage bin for next year. They will be close to 75-80% off now.

3. Winter Coats: Stores stock up on these because many people buy them as presents, but now they want to make room for vacation wear and spring clothes.

4. Winter Boots: Stores also receive boots starting in Sept, so they want them out!

5. Holiday Graphic Tees: These are always marked down to over 80% off. I have found some for $3 during after holiday sales that I store away for next season!

6. Holiday Pajamas: This is the same lines as the graphic tee.

7. Workout Wear: Many people get on an exercise kick after the New Year so sneakers and workout sets will usually be marked down.

8. Sephora Gift Sets: I love to use these products when I travel because they are the perfect size for it.

Happy Shopping!