Seven Upcoming Trends……Not feeling Some of them…..

Sooooooo… are the latest trends that are starting to pop up in stores. Some I like….some not so much…..but here goes.

1.Low rise jeans: I did love these in the 1990s. I even saved some pairs, but to be honest…..nothing is more flattering than high rise waists!

2. Kelly green: Love this color and it flatters everyone!

3. Western boots: These were super trendy about 4-5 years ago. Then they sort of went away unless you were attending a concert. Now they are back.

4. Retro geometric prints: I love these prints!!!! Can’t get enough!

5. Sheer tights: I love this look for colder weather. I scored a Gucci pair on ebay for half the price!

6. Clogs: Not totally a fan of these, although they are comfy.

7. Denim jackets: These are always popular, but now we have cropped ones, oversized ones, jackets with fringe, etc.

Let me know your thoughts on some of these trends!