EmStar Artist……

I have recently met an artist who has taken her passion into clothing designs! Her story is inspiring so I thought I would share with my readers! Not to mention her workout wear is funky and adorable!!! Check these shorts out!!!

  1. Tell me a little about yourself and how you got into being a designer.

I’m an artist, an acrylic painter, and a maker of all sorts. I’ve made art since I was old enough to hold a pen, and I’m constantly finding new ways to create. Creating is a life source for me; it’s my passion.

A few years ago, I launched an art studio called Fuzzyclouds Studio, where I currently sell my original artwork. This has been a dream, which I’m so grateful I get to share with you all.

My business took various forms over the years, while I looked to find the direction that felt most authentic to me. In 2016, it all came to a head as I faced two battles, simultaneously: alcoholism and the diagnosis of salivary gland cancer. I was 36 years old. That’s when it all changed: I quit drinking and, at the same time, kicked cancer’s butt. It was not easy, but while I had time off to go through cancer treatments, I was able to refocus and make decisions for my joy, my health, and my true passion of being an artist. Since then, despite still working a full time day job and doing all the things that keep us all so “busy”, I’ve since focused on building my art business with every free minute that I have. I’ve since launched the studio, I started a local outdoor art show and online art market called Art In Your Face, and my family and I moved to the country, by the ocean, the most joyfully inspiring place in the world.

Design came as a complete surprise.  During the pandemic, while I was looking for new ways to get my art out into the world, it occurred to me that there are many brilliant printing companies around the world that can put art on clothing. All I’ve ever wanted to do with my art is bring joy into people’s lives (and my own) with bright and bold artwork, and clothing design has opened doors for me to do this in so many fun new ways. People can WEAR my art, and leave the house feeling fabulously fun every day!

This shop is how I’m building my dream and bringing joy and color into a sometimes gray world.

  • How did you come up with the name for your business?

My business is called Emstar’s Wonderland. My name is Marion.

For years, long before I brought my art to the public, I’ve signed my canvases with “M*” which would read as “Em-Star”. When I first took my artwork public, my studio was originally named Emstar’s Wonderland, mixing my art signature with the title of one of my favorite stories. My studio was later rebranded to Fuzzyclouds Studio, but I always knew the name “Emstar’s Wonderland” still had a purpose for me and would resurface for a newer, greater project someday.  When I launched the store, it was clear to me that it was a perfect fit for my new amazing artwear shop, and I love it!

  • What do you like best about being a designer?

Wearing my own art and giving my buyers the option to wear my artwork too!

I’ve never enjoyed looking like everyone else; I’ve always been drawn to my own  clothing style, which is why I always preferred shopping in thrift stores, to find that one piece that really stood out. Once it occurred to me that I now had the opportunity to print clothing with my own art, I had to give it a shot and I’m loving every minute. I love taking a painting that I’ve put all my love and energy into, and turning it into a beautiful pair of leggings. Having the opportunity to create my own clothing style is so much fun and has inspired so many new paintings too. I’m having fun creating perfect pieces of bright artwear.

  • Who is your favorite style icon and why?

I’ve never actually had a style icon – I always just enjoyed wearing what I liked and found comfortable, regardless of what was “in style” at the time, and never really followed or learned about designers. I’m just getting in the game now, and discovering great ones along the way, but I’d say my style inspiration draws from so many various sources. From rockers like Lzzy Hale, to yoga teachers I see online, to nostalgic childhood characters like Punky Brewster. Overall, my style icon would really just be myself!

  • Describe your own personal style.

One word: authentic. I’m just me. Regardless of current fashion, I wear what makes me feel great and comfortable. I love bright patterns, bold colors, funny quotes, and so many leggings. I love band shirts, I rather wear 20-hole docs with a skirt than heals, and my favorite accessory is leg warmers. My favorite stores would be any local thrift store or my own, of course, now that I can wear my very own artwork.

  • Do you ever get hit by creative design block, and if you do, how do you get past it?

I’m a painter, so yes, I’ve stared at plenty of blank canvases, wondering where to go next. Usually, I just go for a walk. A lot of my artwork is inspired by nature, so taking in the surroundings on our beautiful country property is my best source of inspiration. Nothing like a colorful sunset to break a block.

  • What are your top styling tips for women?

Don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing – focus on what YOU like. How do YOU want to feel? What do YOU want to wear? Don’t forget that what’s “in” is just another person’s opinion, much like what “matches”. If you feel good, and your outfit brings you confidence and joy, wear it proudly. Be authentically and gloriously YOU! Wear what makes you feel like a boss. Wear what gives you that extra pep in your step! For me, with fashion, there are no rules – just lots of creativity, fun and comfort!

  • Name 5 trends you are loving for 2021.

I’ll be honest, I don’t follow a lot of trends so I’m not entirely sure of what might be “in style” for 2021, but I do enjoy that leggings and high-top sneakers are still at the top of their game and growing. I love that ripped jeans are still around, as I’ve enjoyed those since my teens, and will never grow tired of a good black band shirt. I do think my favorite trend would be bold and bright leggings, as this is what inspired my entire business and it’s bringing clients as much joy as it brings me, and that’s the goal!

  • How have you been dealing with the pandemic where you are located?

I live in the country with my family. I’m surrounded by trees, gardens, blue sky and the ocean. While the winters are little rough in East Coast Canada, there wasn’t a lot of effects of the pandemic around here, other than wearing masks (And I started printing my own so that was fun!). I was already working from home at my day job, so very little changed for us. I just learned to be much more grateful for what we DO have in our lives, and not as worried about what we didn’t or couldn’t have due to the pandemic.

  1. Are you finding it difficult to stay on trends since COVID has hit?

You’ll notice from my interview so far that I’ve never been “on trend” so the pandemic certainly didn’t throw that off. Hahah! In fact, the pandemic inspired me to worry even less about other people’s trends and simply push my own brand and trend, creating bold and beautiful patterns for all to wear. Trends are based on what a group of people like, but we never know what people will like tomorrow. Much like ice cream, fashion trends come in many flavors and everyone has their own individual preference.

  1. What is the one trend you would never wear and why

Personally, I cannot do crop tops or mom jeans. They look great on some people, but I just don’t find them comfortable: I like shirts to cover my mid-section and I don’t like pants that cover my stomach. Again, for me, personal fashion style starts with comfort and I simply don’t find these comfortable.

  1. What would be your ultimate fashion publication?

Honestly, I’m pretty excited about this blog! Tiffany is an amazing woman and, while we only recently connected, she’s inspired me in so many ways already, and I love her writing. As I never really had aspirations of fashion publications before, this would be high on my list already. But let’s dream a little here: I’d say Fashion Magazine, here in Canada, or Harper’s Bazaar. That would be amazing!

  1. Tell us something interesting that our readers don’t know about you

I’m not only an artist, I’m an art collector: I collect in tattoos. I have 27 tattoos, all ranging for tiny to half sleeve, from 19 different North American artists. Most of my tattoos would only make sense to me; they range from cute, weird and funny to “what the heck” and “oh my god that’s original and neat”. Most of them were done by friends of mine in the industry, and that’s why I got them – I wanted to collect art work from friends as each one means so much more to me for that reason. My tattoos are like my diary, and they each remind me of a person, place or time, and I love every one of them. They complete me.

Definitely check out her styles and follow her on the gram ! @standoutwearart