A few of my readers recently asked me how I stay in shape being so busy and in my 40s and asked me if I could write a blog about what I typically eat each week and how much I workout. First of all, I want to start off by saying I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule each day meaning that I make healthy choices 80% of the time and each day I allow myself treats 20% of the time with chips or cookies etc. I complete 5 workouts a week which consist of a mix of spin classes, pilates, HIIT classes with weights, barre and walking. I love all foods (except lobster and desserts that have whipped cream LOL), but I try and stick to my “regular” breakfast, lunch, and snack choices during the week. Dinners are always a mix depending on the schedule and weekends I do treat myself to pizza or pasta. I decided to focus mainly on my breakfast, lunch, and snack choices for this article as that seems to be our busiest times of the day when we need healthy yet convenient choices.

  1. Kind One bars:

2. Kind Honey Oat Bars:

3. Kind Protein Almond Butter Bar:

4. OWYN protein shakes:

5. Fresh Express Salad Kits:

6. Purdue Short Cuts:

7. Turkey Burgers:

8. Steam fresh cauliflower rice:

9. Almond Breeze Yogurt:

10. RX Oats: RXBAR, RX A.M. Oats, Variety Pack, 12ct, 2.18oz Cups, 12 Gluten  Free Oatmeal Cups

11. Motts Snack Packs:

12. Hummus snack packs:

13. Tuna to Go:

14. Banana:

15. Dark Chocolate Almond Packs:

I hope these were helpful and please reach out with any questions!