Sunglass Trends for Your Face Shape…

Tis the season for sunglasses…..for some reason sunglasses are an accessory we keep buying and buying and buying. Here are the latest trends for sunglasses that will compliment your face shape.

  1. Rectangle: This style compliments round and oval faces while coordinating with all of the 1990s fashion that has resurfaced.

2. Angular Cat Eye: The cat eye has always been a classic style, but now there has been a twist to it putting an angle on the sunglasses. Sort of like the reinvented cat eye. These look great on round and oval faces.

3. Yellow tinted aviators: These scream boho 70s and are definitely on trend for Summer 2021. They compliment oval and heart shaped faces.

4. Oversized: The bigger the better. For some reason oversized sunglasses look amazing on all face shapes.

5. Half Moon: These are definitely for the adventurous type as these sunglasses are rather futuristic. They compliment triangular, heart, round, and oval faces.

Whatever sunglasses you choose, I suggest getting one pair for driving and fashion and a real inexpensive pair for the beach in case you lose them or they break.