Swimwear Styles!

Memorial Day…..the start of summer…..and just about the time my annual blog articles start to surface about swimwear trends. There are soooo many flattering styles out there currently that will make bathing suit shopping fairly easy this year, but if you would like to book a styling session with me to help you find your most flattering swimwear look for summer please send me an email at tiffyg77@yahoo.com

  1. Keyhole Cuts:

2. Tiger Print:

3. Off the Shoulder:

4. Pastel:

5. Tie Waist:

6. 1960/70s Prints:

7. Ruffle Sleeve:

One piece of advice….if you do not LOVE the swimsuit….DO NOT buy it….you will never wear it and it will totally be a waste of money (even if it is a good deal)