April Top 10 List!!!!

Here is this month’s round up of my latest fave items!

  1. Cheeze It Snack Mix: I love cheeze its….they are my faves actually, but I also am fond of Chex mIx so this combo is just genius in my opinion!

2. Old Navy Masks: They have all new fun prints for spring and summer and they also adjust to varying sizes.

3. Panama Jack Sunscreen products: Do you remember this from the 1980s and 1990s when it was very popular??? Well, I was a child, but I remember my parents loved it! It is back on shelves…..I guess it never really went away per se, but its popularity is surging again. It smells awesome, and gives you great protection and a glow too.

4. Gingerbread Construction Company Birthday Cake Muffin: I have been going to this bakery for years, but I never realized that they had a birthday cake muffin. It is to die for!!! They are located in Wakefield, Mass and Winchester, Mass.

5. Si perfume by Armani: I have been on a mission to find a new perfume, and I absolutely love this one! Mission accomplished!

6. Greek Salad: I forgot how much I love Greek salads until I had one in a restaurant recently. My new fave lunch!

7. 1960s style shoe trends: My mom bought me these for my birthday. They are super comfy, trendy, and I love the color. They are from Macys.

8. Blinged out Rock Band Tees: I was always into rock band t-shirts, but I am loving bedazzled ones. Please reach out to me if you would like one made for you.

9. Muse Hand Sanitizer: This smells amazing and is vegan and cruelty free. It also hydrates your skin, while protecting you from germs. Go to @shopmusehealth and use promo code STAYSAFE

10. Amazon Blouses: I ordered this blouse for Easter on Amazon from the Floerns store. It fits true to size and no ironing required. It is that awesome material that does not wrinkle. Check out my other recommendations on my Amazon store


Hope you enjoyed the latest monthly top 10!