Latest Makeup Trends!!!!

When March rolls around I want everything new for my house and my face…..I want lighter makeup and brighter colors. Here is what is trending in the makeup world currently.

  1. Peach Lips:

2. Emerald Smokey Eyes:

3. Pink Blush:

4. Gold Eyeshadows:

5. Nude Lips:

6. Lash Extensions or Lash Lift/Tint:

I feel like a few of these suggestions on the list are simple enough to experiment with even if you do not like to wear a lot of makeup. For example, a nude lip or a little pink blush can look very natural. Also, the makeup sections at Target and CVS carry all of these suggestions on the list. A lash lift or tint or extensions can run at an average of $100 give or take. I love getting a lash lift and tint. It lasts me about 6 weeks.