New Year’s Eve Looks!!!

Ready to say good bye to 2020??? Excited to usher in 2021??? Well, however you feel New Year’s Eve night is coming soon and the calendar year will switch. Whether you are staying home with your immediate family in front of the TV or heading out to a fancy dinner in the city, this article will have a look for you to wear!!! Here are my top picks for NYE 2020!

  1. Sequins: I always have to wear a touch of sequins every New Year’s Eve…..In fact, here was my look last year!

But seriously…..there is no matter night than this one to wear your sparkles!

2. Leather Dress: Warm and Practical….and it always looks classy.

3. New Year’s Eve Pajamas: Why not we all buy Christmas pjs right??

4. Backless Tops: I am currently obsessed with this style shirt….it shows a peek of skin, while still remaining an appropriate winter look.

5. New Year’s Graphic T: I love these for a casual look….although I paired up my “Cheers” off the shoulder top from Scout and Molly’s last year with my sequin skirt.

6. One Shoulder Top: Remember in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the one shoulder top was in all of the stores? I remember buying them in every color from Bebe to wear out on a Saturday night. They are resurfacing as one of the hottest style tops to be wearing! I am so excited about this by the way!

Whatever your plans are this year, I wish you nothing but peace, love, and happiness for 2021. As always….I welcome new article suggestions via email at

Happy New Year!