What To Wear This Holiday Season!

December is upon us. Although most of us are not having the typical hustle and bustle holiday season of events and big parties, many people are still heading out to nice holiday dinners in the city or having small, intimate get togethers in a safe way. Regardless, I have received many questions asking me what is trending for holiday looks, what I am wearing this December, and if I would be writing this article like I do every year. Well, here it is!!!! Here is what is trending for holiday looks this year!!!

  1. Midi Dress:

2. Winter Sweater Dress:

3. Pleated Satin Skirts:

4. Tulle Skirts:

5. Leather Leggings & Sweater:

and for the casual look……

6. Graphic Holiday Shirts:

Please reach out with any questions about any items shown in this article. Happy Holiday Season!

2 thoughts on “What To Wear This Holiday Season!

  1. Hi! I’m hoping you have some resources. :)) Where can I find some lightweight sweater dresses? Thank you, Chrysanthi



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