Beyond Basic Legging Trends….

No matter what size or shape you are, I don’t know many women who dislike basic, black leggings. We all kind of have our own brand we love or our favorite go to pair. However, if you are bored and want to mix up your black leggings outfits, here are some new trends that are coming out in the world of leggings.

  1. Cross over waists:

2. Flared Leggings: Remember these ladies from the early 2000s??? Theyre baccckkkk….

3. Pedal Pusher (Cropped) Leggings: These will continue into Fall until it gets too cold to wear them and they always work for a spin class regardless!

4. Earth Tone Color Leggings:

5. Rib Knit Leggings:

You can actually find many of these legging styles online at Amazon FYI!!!