Things I Buy Over and Over Again….

Someone recently asked me if there was anything I tend to keep buying on repeat. To be honest, I am sure if I thought about it, I would see that there are a ton of things I buy on repeat!!! But here is my current list!

* Nike slides…..Every time I see these on sale, I buy them. I have them everywhere in my house… my overnight bag….in a workout bag….a beach bag. I don’t know why I do this….but I do….lol

*Cetaphil…I have to always have a back up stocked of this facial cleanser. It is super gentle, but it takes off even the toughest waterproof mascara.

*Lululemon No Slip/No Show Socks….These are the ONLY no show socks that actually stay up on your feet!!!

*Old Navy Cardigans….Every Fall and Spring I buy more cardigans because I am one of those people that are always cold and feel chilly. I am loving the longer style the past year,

*American Eagle Jeans…..These jeans are not just for teens people! Their size range is amazing. They wash great, and they are less than $50. I buy a new pair from them every September.

*Gucci Guilty Perfume….Been restocking this for Fall and Winter the last 3-4 years. It is a little too strong for hot weather, but I always get compliments when I wear it during the cooler months.

*Leather Leggings….My friends joke with me that leather leggings are like my “uniform.” I always wear them when I don’t know what to wear, and I have a variety of pairs. My faves come from Express and Spanx, and I buy a new pair every Sept. and use the new pair for dressier looks and keep the older ones to wear with off the shoulder tops and sneakers.

*Kush Mascara: Been wearing this for a few years and have multiple tubes in my house…. including the trial size for travel! It gives you volume and length, but is light enough to wear when you exercise. I am one of those people that do not leave the house without mascara on!

Well…..hopefully you found my list of “repeats” helpful and you try some out!!!