Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

When this sale rolls around….it’s BIG!!! I mean… can get amazing items for 40% off. There are so many great deals that it can get overwhelming to choose so I decided to create a “My Picks” list from this year’s sale choices. I did this back in March and the feedback I got was extremely positive so I figured why not!!!

  1. Boots:



2. Jumpsuit in Fall Florals:




3. Blazers: These are trendy beyond belief right now and I love how this style comes in so many color options.



4. Leather Dress:



5. Denim: Seven Jeans are back!!!!! Loved them way back when and I am very excited about these!!!!



6. Booties:



7. Mules:



8. Wedge Sneakers:



9. Raybans: This classic never goes out of style.



Hope you liked this “nifty 9” list and happy shopping!

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