How to wear white leggings….and yes….yes you can!!!

I posted a picture of myself in white leggings recently, and I got a ton of comments saying things like “I wish I could wear those.” “I can never wear those.” “You have to be skinny to wear white.” It made me think that this topic should definitely become an article. Ladies, trust me….everyone can wear white leggings. I am gonna show you how, but before I do….make sure you invest in a pair with thick material so you can not see through them.

*Wear with a long tunic style shirt:


*Wear with a denim shirt:


*Wear with a loose, over-sized top:


*Get a high waisted pair with  compression and pair with a crop top.




Currently my favorite pairs of white leggings that fit a variety of sizes are by Booty by Brabants and 90 degrees by Reflex on Amazon.

If you want any style advice or have any questions, please reach out via email

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