Three Things To Wear When It is Hot and Humid Out:

When it is sticky, muggy and 90 degrees out, the last thing we want to think about is what we are going to wear if we have to venture out and look somewhat put together. We want lightweight materials, but we may be tired of the typical summer maxi dress that we all pull out of our closets each summer. Here are 3 hot weather styles to update your look.


  1. White Dress: The color white is known to make you feel cooler. I recommend a dress in linen, cotton, or a crochet material.




2. Sleeveless Romper: Rompers have been trendy for the last few year, but many of us have long sleeve rompers for some reason. I recommend buying a sleeveless one for a hot day.



3. Wrap Skirt: These have the same cool feel as a maxi dress, but with a chic, trending look. Wear them with a tank, and you’re done!


Please message me if you would like some tips on hot weather styles and trends.