Guest Blogger: Chloe and her Tie Dye

I have known Chloe since she was six years old and it has been amazing to see her blossom into such a beautiful, young lady. During the social distancing and the boredom that came with, Chloe decided to jump on the tie die craze and make a clothing line. I am so proud of her. It is trendy and super affordable considering some of the marked up prices out there due to the demand for tie dye. Here is Chloe in her own words:

“Hi I’m Chloe. I have reached the furthest part of boredom and decided to try these cool trendy outfits! I was watching tons of videos with tye dye & bleaching clothing and I loved how unique it was so I tried it myself and fell in love with the results. My mom then posted the bleached sweatsuit I made and a few of her friends asked me to make them one. I have now been making tye dye & bleached clothing items for friends and family and I love it. Making these products has helped me feel relaxed and happy and this is one of the top ways I have cured my boredom!”

Here are some of her amazing creations:


She made me the cutest tan and white cropped sweatshirt.




Her prices are as follows:

  1. Adult t-shirts $15
  2.  Bleach Set $45
  3. Hoodies $30-$40
  4. Onesies for Baby $10

****Contact her to order via insta message @chloecaswellll or her business page @chloestyedye