Girls And “No Sports” Lately…..

I am so excited to be partnering up with the @thebosbabes as a guest writer. The BosBabes is all sports everything so if you are a sporty chick, you will love them!!! I recently was asked to write about girls’ viewpoints on the lack of sports right now. The majority of my audience is Boston women and they were very vocal in my insta DMs….which I loved by the way!!! Basically they miss everything about sports….especially Boston Sports!!!

action backboard ball basketball


What many of them missed the most included the following list:

-March Madness

-Fenway Park opening week

-Celtics PlayOffs

-Bruins Playoffs

close up photography of four baseballs on green lawn grasses


70% of the woman I polled missed the Bruins playoffs vs the 30% who said they missed the Celtics playoffs.

In positive news, the majority of them feel that sports will make a comeback in some capacity by late September 2020. Some feel that fans will not be allowed in until some point in 2021, but many of these women feel that they would feel safe and happy going to a game if testing capacity was increased and people were required to wear masks.

Let’s hope for a return to Boston sports sooner rather than later people!!!! And yay for the Pats schedule coming out last night!!!!