What Products Am I Using To “Stay Healthy” (God willing)

Lots of people have messaged me on insta and asked me if I had any go to products to help me stay healthy…..I have a few regulars in rotation that I love and use. Here goes!!

  1. Zicam: As a teacher, I have sworn by these products for years!!! I love the nasal swabs and the vitamin gummies.


2. Salt: My grandfather and father have always told me to gargle with warm water and salt and that it prevents so many things. Again, I tend to do this daily in Fall and Winter since my job surrounds me with germs.


3. My legs: Yup….I have done a ton of walking when I can!!! Walking has a ton of benefits for all ages. See below.




4. Medicinal Tea: I am loving this one. It has lemon and echinacea to boost immunity, as well as natural elements to help protect the throat from viruses.


5. Vitamin C: Can’t get enough!! Currently loving the Tropicana Lower Sugar orange juice, as well as mandarins.


6. Soap: Washing my hands even more obsessively than before. My faves come from Bath and Body works, which you can still purchase online. They smell amazing and they keep your hands soft from all the excessive washing.



7. Zylast Hand Sanitizer: This one legit kills everything.



8. Writing: Keeps me sane and occupied!! Also my way to reduce stress and anxiety.



9. Telephone: Social ties are another way to reduce stress and network to keep your businesses going.




10. Life’s Abundance Products. My cousin Jenna turned me on to these supplements two years ago and I love them and I definitely believe that they boost my immune system! My two favorites are the greens blend and the minerals and antioxidants powder.


Here is some info directly from Jenna about these supplements:

“Supplements are not meant to replace foods in your diet, but rather fill in the gaps that may be missing to aid in proper health and optimal functioning.
It is crucial that your supplements are not made with ingredients that your body does not recognize, causing inflammation, digestive issues, and body confusion.
Organic, non-gmo, and high quality ingredients are a must.
*Need to fit more fruits and vegetables into your family’s busy day, while also fighting inflammation and providing your body with added vitamins and minerals?
*Need help keeping you and your family hydrated without added sugars, artificial ingredients, or preservatives found in sports drinks; While also providing a high antioxidant boost and restoring ph balance?
Take the MINERALS & ANTIOXIDANTS (tropical fruit and cherry)
*Need a protein source that is easily digestable, vegan, free of allergens, safe for the whole family, and mixes into smoothies, coffee, oatmeal, and protein bakes?
Choose the PROTEIN POWDER (chocolate and vanilla)
*Need help with digestion, balancing good/bad bacteria in your gut, and supporting your immune system? (Health starts in your gut!)
*Need an everyday vitamin that only gives your body what it needs to thrive?
Take the MULTIVITAMIN (made in vegan-friendly, veggie capsules that do not contain magnesium stearate)
*Need the purest of fish oil to maintain everything from brain, joint, and heart health, to proper fetal development in pregnant mothers?
Take the FISH OIL (citrus flavered capsules or oil, made from the purest fish in the cleanest waters) Every batch is tested by an independent third party organization (IFOS) to maintain quality, concentration and purity. And NO fishy aftertaste.
****To order go to http://www.fitspiritfuel.com


Stay healthy people!!!