Best Leggings for Your Shape

Ahhhh leggings….we all love them….we wore them a lot before social distancing, but now that COVID-19 has effected our lives the way it has, we are living in leggings and sweats over 90% of the time. They are comfortable and practical and they can be dressed up or down and worn as exercise wear too. But what leggings will fit your body type best??? Well, I am hear to tell ya!!!


  1. Petites: Any cropped length legging works in any brand. If you want a full length style, purchase the 7/8 lengths that many brands make and they will be full length on your petite frame. Being petite myself, here are my faves.

-Lululemon Align 7/8



-Cropped Booty by Brabants



2. Curvy/Plus Size: Look for a pair with a high waist and compression.




-Old Navy




-Core 10


-Curvy Booty by Brabants



3. Tall: Go for a longer cut and a mid-rise waist








The good news is that almost all of these are on sale online now for great prices and let’s face it….leggings are always a good investment that you will wear over and over, especially if they fit right!